Analyze this.

I find myself amazed of late at the number of companies in the business of data analytics that have cropped up, built out, or relocated over to Nashville.  Even some old familiar faces have new original divisions, mini companies within companies, busy analyzing what has been sitting on their books as a non-depreciable asset for years.  Information.

Sure, everybody knows that smart phones are the most obvious tracking devices for the glorious mundane messiness of all our habits, but this data exists everywhere.  I mean, really it’s everywhere.  And it’s being used in wonderful ways to not only improve our human experience, but to also simply make industry more efficient and effective. 

Think for a moment about the vast layers of coding, programming, and engineering that go into this data synthesis.  Now combine that with the in depth database and security administration aspect of maintaining all that.  Conspiracy theorists reading this will no doubt be nodding their heads in agreement at just more examples of Big Brother.  I consider myself to be a fairly seasoned individual and rarely surprised by much at this stage in the game, but sometimes I must admit that I do have my red pill/blue pill moments just like Keanu Reeves.  But for me it’s not Big Brother, just Big Data.  It’s using technology to get better at what you do, and it’s pretty damn cool.

Interested in being a part of these cutting edge companies?  I don’t blame you.  Interested in help finding cutting edge talent?  Don’t blame you there either.  We would love to consult with you about your needs, whether you are a future client or a future candidate.  We have some exciting times on the horizon.

Rachel Hoppes, Elevation Search Solutions