Be the beginning

How do you begin anything?  Where do you start?  Do you start by posing a series of rhetorical questions?  In this case, I think we'll go with yes.


This is our first blog post, written by as much of a blogging virgin as you could ever dream to encounter lurking about the interwebs.  Not only that, this is supposed to be a post to introduce the world and all of its friends to our new website.  It's THE post about THE website and I've got nothing but a blank page that's about as white-empty as any fresh notebook I took to class.

What I need is an essay topic.  Can one still write using a thesis statement, supporting paragraph, and conclusion these days?  How about a word.  Just a word.  And how about we go with one of the most obvious and overused verbs in the American English business lexicon when discussing projects, products, campaigns, and careers.  Launch.  

Ah, yes.  The old launch.  Akin to the rollout.  Originally from Latin, evolving slowly through Old French and making it's way to England courtesy of William the Conqueror, the word was originally used as a verb meaning to throw a spear (or lance), and a bit later on to reference the start of a journey in setting a boat afloat.  By the 1600s, we see good old launch as we know it being used in everyday speak as a way to express any kind of beginning, maritime or otherwise.

Sometimes I forget the true meaning of words as our language continues to evolve more quickly than most people care to slow down and think about.  I suppose that for most people, launch nowadays connotes some kind of explosive, amazing, awe-inspiring, life-changing event.  We have NASA to thank for that.  Think launch pad and "prepare to launch", or the shuttle launch.  This is now the point at which I could really nerd out and let my USN show, but I will spare you all......for now.

Sometimes a word is just that.  A rollout doesn't have to necessarily bewilder and amaze you with the touting of the sheer genius of a website.  A launch can just simply be the commencement of something new and hopefully improved, in whatever iteration of the word.  In my opinion, the act of starting an incredible story and being the author of your own beginning is an adventure in and of itself - amazing and awe inspiring enough all on its own without the need for rocket fuel.  

This is our thesis statement.  Be the beginning.  

We hope you love our new site.

Rachel Westfield Hoppes, VP of Miscellany