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Largest Recruiting Firms by Retained Placements in Nashville

Elevation Search Solutions is honored to have been ranked in the Top 10 of Nashville's largest recruiting firms, ranked by the number of 2017 retained permanent placements.  [Read More]

The Recruiters’ View: Veteran search pros share their thoughts on supply, demand and where a lot of our talent is coming 

Compared to five years ago, how has the Nashville technology job market changed, for better and for worse?

 "With Nashville being more in the spotlight as an attractive place to live, we’re seeing people come into the market with a newer set of skills in some of the latest technologies. The Emmas, the Eventbrites and others are working on platforms that are bringing that talent here. This has been a .NET town for so long, especially in health care IT.
Now, costs are going up for sure. With some jobs, it seems like they’re doing so month to month. In some areas of application development, these people are highly sought after — and that comes with a price. But if you look closely, Nashville is still a low-cost city compared to others — even Birmingham in some cases."
— Brian Hoppes, Founding Partner | CEO of Elevation Search Solutions

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