On CMA Fest

Nashville yielded music city to yet another year of record crowds in town last week for the CMA Festival.  As the bass boomed intermittently across the street at Ascend Amphitheater, our team were stalwarts grinding it out throught the dog days.  If at any point last week you found yourself wondering whether anyone was actually working downtown, then all you need to do is take a peek at our job board...and this blog entry I cranked out after a 30 mintue, 8 block commute.

ON CMA Festival (Sonnet 6.8.16)
CMA week June sings of the event
The siren song of festivals and beer,
Shouted serenade on all errant ears
Of cool temptation on white hot pavement.
As sun-dressed and jorted swarms the descent,
Snarling through city roads sensing your fear
Steady.  Endless.  Crosswalks.  Downshift, first gear.
The great crowd comes but I will be present.
Fixing a steely gaze on my future,
Sweaty masses descending on Ascend
Oh summer madness you fickle creature,
Nourisher of the deepest Nashville roots
Yielding for you I'm EC bound again.                                                                                      

Rachel Westfield Hoppes, VP of Miscellany
*I do not write music but am happy to sell these lyrics for the right price!